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Bermimpilah besar karena Rajamu besar...Anak Kerajaan tidak takut dengan kata orang, tetapi melekatkan hatinya pada Sang Raja...Bukan engkau yang hebat, tetapi Rajamu yang hebat


The art of weaving in Indonesia has already existed since the era of Singosari and Majapahit kingdom. Some motifs which are used till now are Endok Mini, Rinding Putuh, Tumbar Pecah, and Kijing Miring.

Presently, the woven handicrafts are created and modified using two different elements. It is by combining cotton thread with plant fibbers such as pineapple, banana stem, fragrant root, coconut etc. The combination tends to produce polytonal (many motifs) cloth which can not be done by machines.

The center for woven cloth which is recognized nationally and internationally can be found in Pedan. The woven clothes from this village are called Lurik Pedan. The woven cloth craftsmen produce upholsteries, shirt material, bed covers, sarongs, carpet, and pillow covers. In Pedan village, the craftsmen created woven fragrant root for the first time, which can be used for shirt material, curtains, interior equipments and other accessories. more info :

Name                   : Lurik Pedan
Adress : - Jl. Gotong Royong Gg. H Sarif No.53, Kel Baru-Ps. Rebo, JakTim

Telp. +622127380737   +6285882955704

email :

- Ds. Beji - Klaten
 Product : Lurik And Ikat Fabrics

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